Complete transactions without leaving your inbox – how cool is that?

Before your customers purchase a product you advertised through the email channel, they usually need to go through several steps. They have to leave their email client, proceed to your online store, add their chosen products to their shopping cart and make a payment… how many clicks is that? Well, in many cases it might just be too many. What if you could simplify the process by letting them complete the whole purchase within the email client itself?

Buy through Gmail!

Google’s brand-new invention, AMP for Email, makes precisely this, and much more, possible! AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is designed to make our email experience much more interactive than ever before. You no longer need to switch to a web browser to…

  • fill out a form
  • confirm an event RSVP
  • book a hotel room
  • add a product to a shopping cart

All these actions, and many more, will be possible within your Gmail inbox.

Email Marketing 2.0

AMP for Emails opens many doors for highly skilled marketers. With all the interactivity which can be crammed into an email now, your campaigns will be on a whole new level. Adding a product to a shopping cart? It’ll be just one click for your subscriber within the email. Completing a purchase? This could also be designed to be as simple as just another click. AMP will make it easy, intuitive, and natural.

55.6% marketers are familiar with AMP, and 31.4% of those are likely to use it in their emails – Litmus survey, 2018

We can only expect these ratios to grow in the years to come!

Follow the best!

Companies which have already announced that they’ll make extensive use of AMP include giants, such as and Pinterest. Undoubtedly, many smaller companies and businesses will follow suit and start creating new and engaging experiences for their customers.

Paired with the power of email marketing platforms, marketers will be able to send subscribers highly personalized, up-to-date, and relevant offers that can be purchased within the same email!

How to join the party?

ExpertSender lets you leverage the full potential offered by Google’s AMP. Our support for this cutting-edge email technology with an in-built message wizard will allow marketers to easily create AMP messages that’ll drive sales.

Being developed and backed by Google, AMP certainly has a bright future and we encourage marketers to leverage this technology in their marketing efforts!

And who knows, Apple might just offer eCommerce transactions via the email channel in the not-too-distant future as well!

Written by
Marcin Fortuna
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