How to recover more customers with abandoned browsing emails

A customer’s browsing behavior reveals a lot about their interests and preferences. This data can be leveraged in abandoned browsing emails to send them highly relevant content which could help you recover more customers and sales.

Opportunity: recover customers after they abandon browsing your website

You can learn a great deal about your customers from their browsing behavior. What’s more, is that you can quickly understand their product preferences and break them down by size, category, color and price, depending on how many products they view.

Why not make use of this browsing data in your marketing communications? You can never know just how close they were to making a purchasing decision and a little encouragement could result in more sales.

So, don’t stop now, let your customers have a good time

The abandoned browsing recovery process – if the user (user hash) is in your database (messaging system) you can send them an abandoned browsing newsletter or alert via ExpertSender.

Once you know which products potential customers have viewed, but not purchased, you can leverage this data and display them within alerts, newsletters, or anywhere else that you might see fit.

Send abandoned browsing products within alerts

Abandoned browsing alerts allow you to send a specific product or products within a dedicated message after a certain period of time, be that an hour, a day, or other predefined length of time.

Display abandoned browsing products within newsletters

Some customers might view dedicated abandoned browsing alerts as a little invasive. A slightly more delicate approach would be to display these products as part of your standard newsletter communications.

In this way you’re encouraging customers to return to the products they viewed in a much less intrusive manner and increasing your chances of selling more.

One of our eCommerce customers achieved the following results when sending automated abandoned browsing alerts one hour after a customer left their website.

Average unique click rate: 20%
Average click-to-open rate: 53%
Average click-to-conversion rate: 25%

Over half of the customers that opened the alert went on to click and a quarter of them converted.

Don’t creep out your customers!

With both of the tactics above, we need to consider our customer’s sensitiveness to what information we track and store about them. Based on your line of business or the type of relationship you have with your customers, you may want to present them with either the exact products they viewed, or perhaps with similar products from the same category only.

Recover sales with abandoned browsing emails

By leveraging a customer’s browsing data in abandoned browsing emails we’re able to increase our chances of closing more sales.  Are you engaging your customers in every layer of the purchasing funnel? Abandoned browsing emails have high levels of customer engagement that can elicit click-to-open rates as high as 53% and click-to-conversion rates of 25%! So what are you waiting for, let your customers have a good time.

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Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender
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