60-Second Video Tips: Which Multichannel Actions Should You Plan for Each Step of the Customer Journey?

Here’s the third episode of our 60-Second Video Tips series on multichannel marketing automation. Learn about what actions you should take throughout the entire customer journey to make the most of their interest in your offer. We hope our tips will help you. Enjoy watching and stay tuned for more! 

If you prefer reading to watching, here’s the tip:

You need to plan different actions for each step of the customer journey. Start with a welcome email to make your customers feel welcomed, and encourage them to take an initial action. Once they revisit your store, you will be able to start collecting valuable data about their likes and interests. Then, based on what they’ve browsed or purchased, you can send them some product suggestions. You can do it via SMS, pop up, web push, or email. Next, send them notifications about price-drops on the products that they’ve browsed but didn’t buy. Finally, engage them on the anniversary or semi-anniversary of their first purchase. Offer them a free delivery with their next purchase. That’s it for now, more 60-second tips coming soon, so stay tuned!    

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Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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