60-Second Video Tips: What Should Your Sales Newsletter Look Like?

Here comes episode 11 in our second series of 60-Second Video Tips on multichannel marketing automation. Watch it to learn 5 tricks to make your subscribers read your sales newsletter!  

More tips are coming soon, so stay tuned! 

Writing converting copy for your newsletter can be challenging, fortunately there are a few general rules that will help you create one. 

First, define your audience, AKA the recipients of your message, using the segmentation options. Make sure that it’s narrow enough for your specific message. Two, focus on the subject line as it is the first thing they’ll see. Keep it short, under 35 characters, and make sure it always reflects the actual content of your message. Three, make the content clear, and easy to read and understand. Four, keep it coherent with your brand colors and style. Five, include an easy to see call-to-action that will make them act. 

That’s it for now, more 60-second tips coming soon, so stay tuned! 

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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