60-Second Video Tips: What Are the Key Metrics Available in Multichannel Marketing Automation Platforms?

In this final episode of our second series of 60-Second Video Tips on multichannel marketing automation we discuss the key metrics available in multichannel marketing automation platforms. Enjoy!

In order to learn if your multichannel marketing communication is effective, you need to analyze its statistics. Fortunately, multichannel marketing automation platforms provide you with statistics on almost every aspect of the actions your visitor takes. Here are the three most important ones.

One: the open-rate. It shows how many people opened your message, so you can see what the engagement of your subscribers is on this communication stage. If it’s low, it’d be best if you analyzed whether the subject line in the email, deliverability, or time of sending the message are on point.

Two: the goal. See how many people performed an action you wanted them to perform – it can be buying another product, visiting your website or using the promo code. This can help you in seeing how effective your communication is. If a subscriber opened your message but didn’t take an action, see how you could improve the copy of your message or check if a different offer converts more.

Three: the Average Order Value. It is the estimation of how much a person spends on average in your e-store. This can help you see whether you can leverage recommendations, cross or upselling even more to make subscribers buy not only more often, but spend more each time.

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