60-Second Video Tips: How to Ensure Your Data Is Secure in Your Multichannel Marketing Automation Platform?

Here comes episode 15 in our 60-Second Video Tips series on multichannel marketing automation. Watch it to learn how to make sure your data is secure with your multichannel marketing platform provider.   

More tips are coming soon, so stay tuned! 

We’re constantly being bombarded with news that users’ sensitive data has been stolen. So how can you be sure that YOUR data is secure with your multichannel marketing automation platform provider? Well, the first step is to make sure that you choose an ISO-certified platform. The ISO 27001 certification is among the highest data protection standards in the world, and if an organization has acquired it, you can be sure that handling data properly is a part of their DNA. They will constantly work on keeping a high standard, and this constant focus on improvements will result in much better performance of their entire service. Especially if you operate globally, it will be beneficial for you to work with a service provider that conforms to a standard that is recognized – and trusted – all around the world. That’s it for now, more 60-second tips coming soon, so stay tuned! 

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