60-Second Video Tips: How Can You Avoid Your Email Being Marked as Spam by Optimizing the Sending Time?

Here comes episode 10 in our second series of 60-Second Video Tips on multichannel marketing automation. Watch it to learn why the sending time optimization feature is so important not only for your subscribers, but also for you!   

More tips are coming soon, so stay tuned! 

An average person receives a lot of messages during the day and can simply ignore your email if it reaches them at the wrong time. To improve your open rate, use the Sending Time Optimization feature.   

It will analyze the recent email activity of each subscriber you’re sending emails to, thus identifying the times and days when they are most likely to interact with your message. With this information, the best sending time will be calculated for each subscriber, putting your email campaigns on autopilot! Our tests have shown that using the Sending Time Optimization feature can result in a 50% increase in opens, clicks, and conversions.  

That’s all for now, more 60 second tips coming soon, so stay tuned!  

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Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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