5 Valuable Tips of Marketing for eCommerce Retailers

While developing an eCommerce retail business, it can often be a challenge to find the best ways to successfully achieve marketing goals.

Even with the luxury of a huge budget, there is no guarantee of the correct message, reaching the correct customer, at the correct time!

So, here are 5 crucial steps that will help you market your eCommerce retail business and address parts of a customer journey:

Step 1. Acquire

Attract new customers by creating specific customer journeys that are tailored to their different personas. In other words, based upon the various interests of your customers, a good strategy is to organize clear paths that allow customers to understand what you wish to promote.

Step 2. Behavior

Analyze your customers online behavior and then segment that data to understand your audience better. Using statistical data, you can observe customers behavior and target their needs accurately at the right time using a marketing automation system. Behavioral triggers, based on purchase history and website activity, can also be used to re-engage existing customers that previously had decreasing activity.

Step 3. Retain

Give existing customers a good reason to return! Incentives are crucial, e.g. discounts based on customer demographics and interests, or discounts based on seasonal occasions such as Black Friday sales. Upselling can build repeat sales, while at the same time promoting strong brand values to help retain customers.

Step 4. Personalize

Tailor personalized product recommendations & brand awareness campaigns that directly appeal to your customers unique interests. Relevant content can greatly enhance customer engagement and sales opportunities.

Step 5. Create Loyalty

Create a customer experience so good that your customers actively become loyal brand ambassadors for you! Not only can one sale lead organically to another sale, but the value of the business will grow innumerably. An eCommerce retailer that under-promises and over-delivers will earn high customer satisfaction and retention. For example, when a customer buys a product and it is delivered in good condition on time, they are pleasantly surprised to find they have been given a voucher for exclusive discounts off future purchases.

Using various methods, retailers can seek help to design and implement effective campaigns to reach target audiences. Some examples of methods include: segmenting data of interested customers, analyzing how customers experience your website, their needs & buying behavior. Another good method often used is to incentivize customers with relevant offers so that they will see your brand as offering something of real value. By offering real value (either with products or simply with useful advice), customers will want to be associated with your eCommerce business.

In essence, the idea is to help your brand to become a trusted name that sells desirable merchandise. All that not only will boost sales from new customers, but more importantly, boost loyalty & repeat sales from existing customers. This is a key strategy we use to help you develop brand recognition & reputation.

Written by
Jarek Wasielewski
Digital Content Specialist at ExpertSender
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