3 Ways to Leverage Customer Data into Better Results

Services like Rapleaf help marketers find out more about their existing subscribers Image Courtesy of: StartupsFM

It’s obvious that customer data can be a very valuable insight, but not all data is created equal, and finding the right information about subscribers can be a time consuming process. Pouring over every detail of a subscriber’s information may not bring the best results to a campaign unless the right pieces are put in place. Personalization and tailoring campaigns based on subscriber behavior and lead acquisition can be very powerful, but a good understanding of a campaign is necessary before these techniques can be easily measured.

Knowing how and where messages are opened, viewed, and interacted with is a key insight. Email client reporting that displays the reading environment, and how many subscribers engaged on a specific device, will let a marketer tailor their messages to a specific device. It’s equally important that this reporting data can be used to segment subscribers based on where they are most likely to interact with a message. Another important facet could be garnering the device the user signs up on initially. This could enable a campaign to be tailored to a specific device from the beginning, by sending an initial autoresponder message custom to their device.

Going hand in hand with the device type is understanding how the subscriber signed up in the first place, and what this might mean for future behavior. Perhaps a subscriber signing up after they visit from a specific PPC ad has shown a higher conversion rate. If this data is saved, a more aggressive campaign can be sent. Maybe subscribers signing up that find the site via the blog take a longer time to convert, consider sending a nurturing campaign that keeps these subscribers engaged. Differentiating sign up date and conversion date can be helpful if collected, a campaign can mention either one when sending a personalized message. For example, you can reference when a customer’s subscription starts and ends in a newsletter message that they’ve previously signed up for.

Past behavior can be leveraged in a more constructive way after the manner in which the lead was acquired is known. Dynamic content in particular can be used to reference past purchases or site interactions, leading to increased engagement and more sales. Data like what keywords were used to navigate to your site can be very helpful if enough history is present to make a conclusion, especially in conjunction with other customer data like how long ago the last email activity was.

Using customer data to increase engagement and sales can be very powerful. However a moderate or advanced knowledge of subscriber behavior, acquisition method, and viewing environment is crucial to get the most out of email recipients. Going in blind or without the necessary data being collected can just be a waste of time, so make sure some basic steps are present beforehand.


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