3 Tips to Survive Pandemic in eCommerce

The COVID-19  pandemic and restrictions related to it have affected pretty much every single entrepreneur. Adapting to the new conditions is the key to survive this tough time. We may not know how long this situation will last and what its consequences in the long run will be, but one thing is certain – unless you start acting now, your eCommerce will lose a lot.  

Now, the stability and liquidity of your company are two most important things. To ensure them you need to get ready for one of the greatest challenges – customer churn. Your clients may limit consumption due to their unstable financial situation and think twice when choosing products and supplier.  

So what can you do to stand out and acquire new clients to your store? 

1. Help out while building brand awareness 

The money you want to invest in ads don’t need to be focused on auto promotion only. Think about how your company can help the others and build a positive brand image.  

Here are two great examples of our clients who did just that: 

  • 4F supported Polish healthcare authorities by donating to a chosen hospital protective goggles and 20% of their online shop turnover. What’s more, they shared free training videos to help their audience take care of their physical activity while social distancing.  
  • Answear.com decided to help out by sewing and donating masks for public hospitals in Cracow, Poland.  

On top of supporting charity actions or your local community during the crisis, you will stand out among other brands and will no longer be one of many. You will also give legitimate argument to your buyers to purchase in your eStore as they will see that they chose a company that helps others.  

Just remember to describe and share the information about your actions on your website and social media to build a positive image and encourage others to join your actions.  

2.Focus on both retention and acquisition 

So far, the sales model adopted by many shops revolved around customer retention. However, these days we cannot forget about active customer acquisition. Remember that everybody went online now? This is your chance to attract more customers to your eStore than you could have before. Make sure your website is SEO-optimized. Find budget for search engine and social media ads that  will boost your brand visibility and help reach new potential customers.  

At the same time you can’t stop your retention activities. Your loyal customers may be your best support, so keep appreciating them. For instance, if your company hasn’t introduced it yet, set up a loyalty program. You can give your customers 3 times more points  than you normally would have – that will encourage them to buy more and choose your eStore rather than your competition.  

3.Choose the best communication channel

Which form of communication is the best when everybody is online anyway? Email is not only the most popular but also the cheapest and most effective communication channel. According to the study shared in eMarketer.com, in 2016 it reached the median ROI of 122%. Emails are so effective as they allow for data-driven personalization, i.e. information on viewing and shopping history.   

To increase conversion and encourage your customers to buy more, use a multichannel marketing platform to send highly personalized messages with recommendations. You can also notify your customers about a price-drop of a product they added to a shopping cart but never bought.  


The faster you adapt to this situation and act proactively, the more stable your eStore will be. Try out a reliable channel that you know is effective and won’t ruin your budget. It’s understandable that you need to take care of your company’s profits but don’t forget about appreciating your loyal customers, and helping your local community in this time as well.  

Written by
Douglas Patfield
Manager of Global Client Services
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