3 Tips for Your eCommerce Store in 2020

Which direction will the eCommerce market head this yearAs time goes on, the market generates more and more income, so what should we expect in 2020?

We’ve come across some interesting data that has shed some light on the topic. Read on to learn about which areas of eCommerce you should invest your time and effort in the next year.

#1 Mobile Is (Still) King

The amount that the mobile channel contributes to overall eCommerce sales is increasing each year. Our smartphones have become inseparable from us, and now we can use them in an entirely different way than before. Mobile payments are an example of this, however, the user experience of shopping apps is almost constantly in development to become more user-friendly. Naturally, this means that we will begin to use our smartphones for online shopping much more often.

Infographic: Mobile E-commerce is up and Poised for Further Growth | Statista
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For an eCommerce store, it’s not only crucial to focus on developing a mobile app, but also to start communicating with customers via mobile throughout each stage of the sales funnel. As the above estimation shows, mobile will be one of the main purchasing channels in the coming years. So, sending out timely SMS messages and customized mobile-friendly email campaigns can lead to generating even more income next year.  

#2 Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Media

Utilizing social media is another way of selling and communicating with a customer. Even eCommerce shops can start selling by taking advantage of social media channels. Only a year ago, almost 55% of consumers purchased via social media, so this area is guaranteed to grow.

Apart from selling directly, you can target your prospects on social media with well-segmented ads. You can integrate the multichannel platform that you use with social media monitoring tools like Facebook Audiences as an example. Then, you can use information about your website visitors to create segments and run well-targeted campaigns on Facebook at the time your website visitors will be there. In other words: you will hit the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

#3 Add a Chatbot to Your Communication Strategy

Why? Because it allows for a quicker reaction and boosts the customer experience. Chatbots allow you to acquire crucial data and respond to a request in just seconds. It’s a brilliant way of shortening the customer journey.

You can further increase its effectiveness by using highly personalized data so that customers can get quick answers to their questions or place an order within seconds. Based on the customer’s email address, the chatbot can generate customized offers in almost no time. Combine it with the communication channel that your potential customer prefers, and you have improved your social media attractiveness with little effort.


Going digital and taking advantage of the multichannel approach can only help your retail business. In 2020, focus on mobile, social media, and chatbots – but remember that your customers are more than likely using more than one channel. Being everywhere will increase your chances of pinpointing potential prospects at the right time with the right message.

However, make sure that your communication is well-targeted. Personalizing your offers will boost the customer experience as buyers will immediately spot the products that are appealing to them.

How will you use mobile to your advantage in 2020? Let us know!

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